Get to know Miss VapeCon Tennessee 2015

Amber Marie Rice – Miss VapeCon Tennessee 2015

Do you prefer movies with happy endings or tragic endings?
I prefer movies with happy endings! I prefer horror movies but nobody likes to cry in movies.

Who is the one person who can always make you smile?
My naked cat Drizzy
What are you most grateful for?
I’m grateful for being raised in the Midwest with parents who taught me how to be hard working, being raised that way has made me very independent and always go for my goals.

What is your favorite vacation spot? Why?
I like going on cruises! I loved Mexico! I want to explore more tho and go to another country like Europe.

Who is your favorite athlete?
Blake Griffin

When was the last time you cried because you were so happy?
When I won Miss VapeCon and found out I would be the new cover model

Who or what got you into modeling?
Two months after I graduated I went to a Playboy Casting Call in Chicago and after the casting I got put in a SE playboy Edition.Amber Marie-0004

What makes you feel insecure?
Sometimes I wish I had bigger boobs when I’m wearing a bikini! But I also like being natural.

What superhero do you most relate to and why?
Batman!!! I keep to myself a lot and really care about people…. But I have a dark side as well

Describe a ‘perfect day’ for you.
Perfect day for me would be getting some sun on a nice beach with a drink in my hand just enjoying life.

Would you rather be rich and ugly or be poor and hot?
Poor and hot because if you’re hot there is always a way to make money… And rich people are never happy.

Where do you want to be in 10 years?
In 10 years I’m hoping to be a playmate… Possibly dancing on a tour!! And after that married with a little boy.

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